Cyirta is a kingdom of knowledge and beauty. For the most part it flourished in peace, and there were few instances of war, even in the old days. The bloodline if kings were well liked among their people up until there were disagreements with the kingdom of Kastalour in the 2nd Era. They were fighting over land, and the people of Cyirta started to complain over the lack of aggression that their king had while negotiating.


During the fall of Aros the roars grew louder between the kingdoms, and corruption started to spread within the authorities in Cyirta as their once beloved kings started to wither in people's favour.


Towards the end of the 3rd Era, the king of Cyirta was murdered by his own brother. The brother claimed the throne of his own on the grounds of it being a "honourable battle between the royals that the king had lost" and while the old king had a son, the son was taken away by a servant. The servant had seen the murder most foul, and decided to take the prince away in fear of the prince being killed as well.


The kingdom suffered 10 years under a corrupt and cynical ruler while the prince grew up in The Abnormal North, but as he turned 17 he started a campaign to obtain the favour of his people. For nearly 10 years he travelled the kingdom wrecking the kings reputation and building up his own. He barely avoided the king's forces as the king desperately tried to stop the return of the heir, and in the end, he was indeed captured.


For 15 days he was held in the dungeon, tortured and taunted. The cruel king, the murderer of his father, his very own uncle ...

The prince didn't yield for as much as a moment. Whenever given the chance, he shouted that the kingdom of Cyirta should never have fallen into the hands of someone so cruel. He shouted all the things that his heart held, and he was beaten even more for every word.


In the end, the prince was left for dead in the dark. He drew what he thought would be his final breaths, but someone saved him. A female quite similar to him showed up from nowhere, mended his wounds and helped him out into the daylight. As if time had stopped, the world seemed empty. The female took him to safety and once the prince had recovered, he went back to the castle with his sword drawn. Once he reached the square in front of the castle, he shouted his challenging of a duel for the throne.


His words were:

"A duel between royals. A real one, this time."

Hinting to the lies of it ever being a fair duel with his father, nor himself.


With the people of Cyirta cheering the prince on, the king couldn't refuse the duel. He lost.

As the prince claimed his throne after 20 years of fighting, it marked the end of the 3rd Era, and the 4th, an Era of peace and growth, was upon them.


The disagreement about land with the kingdom of Kastalour was never truly solved, but the new king brought them to a deal that finally calmed the roars among the people.

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