Over the ocean, Gorzol lies as an island, well guarded by mutated nature. The surface is dangerous and unfriendly, yet it is what lies below that should worry you. Under the surface, their city lives. It was grown, summoned and manipulated from the core of the island, and the result is a home that nourishes them greatly.


They are creatures with withered souls. Their bodies are mutated greatly at it's core, but only slightly in appearance. It would be hard to point out the difference between them and a normal human being, but at the same time there is no doubt when you actually meet a Gorzol creature. It's in their eyes, their movements, a slight gust of rotting flesh.


The island itself is not too large, but the city below is quite sizable. 900 of them, more or less, roam this place aimlessly until their leader desires their action. They sleep, they eat, but far less often than a human. Were they do leave the island and march forth across the mainland with dark intentions and aggression, they would oppose a serious threat.


That is why a small group of people, a special unit if you please, has made a small base inside the walls that the city has mutated out from. Through a network of secret passages they navigate themselves right below, above and besides the dangerous and unpredictable creatures, never knowing when something might happen. The only bonus is that leaving the island, ignoring the aspect of the mutated nature above, is not too difficult. The Gorzol creatures never  go to the surface if they can help it, as they don't particularly care for the sun. The only thing that could cause them to move out, is their leader.


Their leader sits at his throne in a massive fortress that grows out from the cave walls and leans over the city below.

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